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Northern Virginia Roofing Replacement

The roof over your head is critical in keeping out the elements and making your home comfortable. Dynamic Renovations Inc offers superior products and installation by certified professionals and unbeatable warranties.

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You can perform your own visual roofing inspection periodically for signs of trouble both inside and outside your home. You should perform this roofing inspection at least twice a year, in the spring and the fall. Also take a look at your roof after any major storms. Some obvious signs of a problem are noticeable leaking and water stains on the ceiling, or sometimes even stains on the walls. To check for other signs that you may need a new roof, go to the attic and look for any areas underneath the roof that are sagging and for any daylight creeping in.

Outside your home, signs you may need a new roof include shingles or wood shakes that are missing or curling up around the edges. Parts of the roof may appear to be rotting. The roof may be overgrown with green algae. Shingles may be blistered from the sun or buckled and bunched up in some spots. Wood shakes may be split, or they may have damage from termites. If you find a large number of granules that have worn off your shingles gathering in your gutters, it is a sign that they are in an advanced stage of wearing out. Look for water stains under overhangs or eaves. Damaged flashing is also a sign you may need a new roof. Metal roofs are more durable, but signs that they are aging include any sort of rust or corrosion, a lot of pitting, or loose or open seams.

You may have some form of roof damage, but not need a whole new roof. There may be one or two areas that could be repaired, while the rest of the roof is fine and will remain serviceable for years. Leaking only when there is ice and snow could even indicate a problem with your vents rather than your roof.

If the roof of your home is headed well toward the end of its expected useful life, or if repairing the roof would be very costly, it may be worth it to invest in a new roof. You may also lean toward replacing your roof if you are planning a major home renovation project soon.

If you have discovered potential problems in your own roofing inspection, Dynamic Renovations can perform a professional roofing inspection. The roofing inspection will include an evaluation of the condition of your roofing materials as well as your gutters and downspouts, flashing, caps, drip edges and vents. If it is found that no roof replacement or repairs are needed, the roofing inspection and certification will also provide an estimate of how many years of life your roof has remaining. To set up a free estimate call 703-754-7866.

Many people don't know that your typical asphalt or fiberglass shingles (even the 30-year variety) won't last even close to that long. Yes, you will have coverage for the most part, if not all of that period. But as your shingles get older and receive more wear from weather, the value of the warranty diminishes as well. Also, this is used under the assumption that your shingles will be under best-cast-scenario conditions: if there's always decent weather, and they're always installed to pristine standards, or nobody breaks the seal or ever walks on them to crack the base. Weather places so many unseen variables, and depending upon the climate in which you live in, and the kind of temperature conditions you might see in a given year, chances are good your roof will not last the full 20, 25 or 30 years. However, you shouldn't be looking to have to replace your roof after only ten years, or fewer, unless your roof wasn't installed properly in the first place, or your roof has been effected by some horrendous weather such as high winds or hail.

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Low maintenance roofing
is important for a difficult-to-access area such as a roof, especially since most homeowner's policies do not cover damage resulting from a roof that is not maintained properly. Dynamic Renovations is so confident in our high-quality installation and premium roofing products that we provide an additional three year warranty on all labor (on top of the manufacturer's warranty on materials), without charging you as the homeowner an arm and a leg.

If your home has recently been hit by a hailstorm or you have older hail damage then you should consider getting your roof replaced. If you have a considerable amount of granules in your gutters then your home is not as well protected from the weather as it should be. If you want to know more then have one of our experts look at the damage and see if it is covered by your insurance, request an estimate today. Also if you are interested in the process it takes to replace your old roof you should check out our step-by-step roofing replacement page.

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