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Step-by-step of roofing replacement

A custom roof replacement on a large house requires experienced roofing crews and a reliable company.

Roofing doesn't always consist of just asphalt fiberglass shingles. The crew you hire also has to be experienced with metal roofing.

Hail is one of the common reasons a roof in Northern VA gets replaced before its life span. Many homeowners never even realize that their roof has been damaged by hail.

Most insurance companies may determine the extent of hail damage to your roof by using a measurement of "hail hits per sq ft"
check with your insurance carrier.
Delivery of roofing shingles usually will occur with a lift, conveyor or some other type of roofing delivery.

It is important that precautions are taken when delivering roofing material to the peak of the home. Otherwise the company may damage the homeowners driveway.

Here a lift from Alside is delivering GAF dimensional shingles to the waiting crew above.

In this photo you can see that the roofing materials from Alside are being dispersed evenly on the roof so as to not cause excessive weight in one area of the roof trusses.
If you use GAF, Certainteed or IKO shingles you want a reputable company to deliver these products.

The first step in the replacement process is called the Tear-off. This consists of removing the damaged existing asphalt fiberglass shingles. Make sure you discuss how this will be done prior to the job with your contractor.
Safety of the roofing crew and property must always be the number one priorities.

The pitch of a roof will determine if crews will need to wear harnesses and ropes for safety.

The tear off should include going all the way down to expose the existing wood on the roof so that it can be inspected for water damage or other forms of damage that might occur.
Precautions for the homeowner plants, decorative trim, rails, exc. should be discussed prior to the roofing job.

The entire roofing project should be a well orchestrated procedure if you hire the right contractor.

Large homes are extremely difficult for small roofing crews because they don't have the manpower to do the project in a timely fashion.

Installing new felt paper over existing sheathing is top priority because it is a water-proof barrier in case of bad weather.

The new roofing shingles will be started at the bottom edge of the roof after drip edge, weather shield and other items have been installed including starter course.


Care should always be taken to clean up as the work on the roof is being done.

It is never a good idea to tear off more of the roof than you feel you can install in a day because you leave the roof vulnerable to inclement weather that might occur.
The final look of the GAF shingle is very natural and compliments this homes overall appearance.

Whether you pick GAF roofing product or Certainteed, or IKO product make sure they have the color and style you feel compliments your home.
Ask your contractor about the roof warranty as well as there service warranty. Ask for before and after photos of your home. its a good idea to keep those for future reference.
The right roofing company using the correct roofing product and crew for your home can take the stress and worry out of your roof replacement project.

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