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Hail Damage Repair in Northern Virginia

Northern Va. has increased in damaging winds, hail and severe thunderstorms since the 1990’s.  This has also increased the number of Hail Chasers in to Northern Va.

Hail Chasers:   Out of state companies that travel from state to state chasing insurance money, quick cash.  These companies usually offer local contractors huge sums of money to use their contractor’s license.  Once the majority of the hail/storm damage is repaired they leave VA to chase another storm.  Unfortunately, the local contractor gets lefts behind with a tremendous amount of repairs that eventually are too much to handle.  In many cases local contractors go out of business.

In fact, after the 1994 hail storm, 30% of our business for the next 10 years was repairing hail chaser's unprofessional, improperly installed roofing, siding, and trim work.  Sometimes there were repairs, sometimes there were entire jobs had to be re-done and in some cases there was structural damage to the home that was very costly.


Why repair your roof or siding after hail?

·         Insurance Companies have a time limit on filing claims

·         Mortgage Companies rely on the homeowner to maintain the home

·         Building Inspectors will see hail damage if you try to sell the home

·         Most Important:  Hail can cause impact craters that can grow over 3 years.  Impact craters hold water.  If the water freezes, craters expand causing more damage.


How to look for hail damage on aluminum siding.

Difference between hail damage and maintenace damage
Close up of hail damage
Hail damage leaves a trail in a downward stroke
The sideways dents in your aluminum siding will
be seen as mechanical damage
This type of hail is easy to identify because it is right
on the edge of your siding, leaving a U-shaped dent
above it
Single hail hit
Easy to see hail damage
Here is a closer look at the dent
Some Hail damage is easier to see than others
meaning you could be looking at more damage
than you think.
Points out mechanical damage
What is mechanical damage
Sideways dents on your siding IS NOT hail damage
its Mechanical Damage
Mechanical Damage is when your lawnmower picks up
small rocks and gets propelled and hits your siding
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            How to look for hail damage on your asphalt fiberglass shingles

Picture of crater impact
Freezing water increases the size of holes
A crater impact can cause a small hole like this one
then fill up with water that can freeze in the winter
When it freezes it causes the hole to expand and
crack, creating an even bigger problem
Granules in your gutter
Granuals mean hail damage
A good indication that you have hail damage is
Granules in your Gutter
This debris shows that the hail managed to hit your
shingles hard enough to break it apart
Ridge and roof vent need replacing
Dents are the easiest to spot on roof vents
Damage to your Ridge and Roof vent could
mean replacing the whole piece
Its the easiest to spot as far as damage goes but
its not something you want to see on your home
Common wear and tear
Not covered by insurence
This here is not hail damage, it is common wear
and tear on your shingles
If you start to see this then you should probably look
at replacing your shingles but it is not covered
by most insurances

Amount of damage done to a roof   Circled hail impact spots

Total damage done by hail   Hail damage covers the whole roof

Here are ways you can identify when your roof has hail damage, it would look like this

Close up of hail impact  Hail damage is hard to identify

Dented roof vent

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